Ronald Scheffel has passed away

For many clients and associates of Sørs Branding, this announcement will come as a surprise and shock. It was the same for us. Unfortunately, on September 26, our founder Ronald Scheffel passed away. In the period leading up to his passing, Ronald was able to transfer the company to Rik Wamelink and Ferry Timmer. As a result, the continuity of Sørs Branding is not at risk.

Before announcing the takeover, Ronald was still able to bid farewell in an appropriate manner: “It is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Sørs Branding, a company that has known my passion and dedication since 1991. What started as an advertising consultancy has grown into an internationally respected name in the branding world. But before I entered the field of branding, there were other chapters in my life that brought me here.”

“My journey began with working at various advertising agencies, including in the bustling city of Amsterdam. It was a time of growth and learning, but my ultimate dream was to start my own agency. During my years of study, I spent time at a major packaging printing company, where I gained valuable insights and skills. Looking back, this was a pivotal step, as the packaging industry is a highly specialized sector that demands in-depth expertise. I am proud to have passed on this knowledge to my team, who now possess the mastery of the craft and have won various design awards themselves.”

“In recent years, we at Sørs Branding have made our mark on international projects and campaigns, with award-winning strategies and designs. Last year, however, I began to struggle with my health and received the shocking diagnosis of cancer. Being the fighter that I am, I entered this battle. I underwent chemo and radiation therapy. Additionally, my hip was replaced. Eventually, I received the news that my cancer was incurable, and I had only 6 to 9 months left to live. These words hit me deeply and changed everything.”

“It was a time of great challenges, of ups and downs. But my fighting spirit, my love for my work, and my determination kept me going. For a year, I faced the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, determined to keep fighting. Unfortunately, I have now reached the point where I must acknowledge that it’s time to find a successor.”

“Behind the scenes, I have been searching for suitable candidates to carry on Sørs Branding. After numerous discussions and careful consideration, I am convinced that Rik Wamelink and Ferry Timmer of Studio544 are the ideal individuals to take the reins. We have worked together for a long time, and their expertise adds significant value to Sørs Branding.”

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of my journey with Sørs Branding, my amazing team, and all the partners and clients who have supported us. My confidence now rests in the hands of Rik and Ferry, and I am certain they will continue the legacy of Sørs Branding and reach new heights. It’s time to say goodbye, but I will carry Sørs Branding and all of you in my heart forever.”

About us, Rik and Ferry
We are Rik Wamelink and Ferry Timmer, and together, we run the multimedia production company Studio544. Our primary focus is on creating video productions for businesses, live streams, and podcasts. In these projects, we not only handle production but also provide conceptual input to help achieve communication goals. We’ve already had collaborations in this regard on projects with Sørs Branding, so we may not be entirely unfamiliar to many clients and associates. The addition of Studio544’s capabilities to Sørs Branding’s service offerings makes the company even more comprehensive from now on.

The dedicated employees, Carrie Rouland, Rudi Onderberg, and Marcel Wijdemans also remain fully committed to Sørs Branding. This commitment from them is of great importance to the company and our clients, and we are deeply grateful for their dedication. Over the past period, Ronald has invested a significant amount of time in transferring his knowledge about the company to us, Rik and Ferry. Therefore, we are confident that with the entire team, we can ensure the continuity of Sørs.

Satisfaction Prevails
All involved parties are content with the solution that has been reached. Ronald’s passing naturally brings intense sadness to everyone. However, everyone also recognizes that the timely transfer of the activities ensures a smooth transition and further development of Sørs Branding. Our thoughts are now especially with Ronald’s wife, Esther. We wish her all the strength and support during this exceptionally difficult time. Her love and support for Ronald were unwavering.

The Sørs Branding Team, Marcel, Rudi, Carrie, Ferry, and Rik