Sørs has been serving national and international clients in a wide range of industries for over 30 years. We provide brands with added value and give them a distinctive profile in the market. Prominently different, recognisable for your target group and appropriate to the way you do business. For the Sørs team, nothing is impossible. Feel free to challenge us!


Rik Wamelink


Rik is juggling multiple roles. He is concerned with the overall strategy of the company and is often in conversation with clients. On the creative side, he focuses primarily on the content of our concepts. With his journalistic background, he can quickly adapt to portray the story as sharply as possible, both in video, audio, and graphic applications.


Ferry Timmer


Ferry has a background in communication and multimedia design with a strong focus on video and animation. His expertise lies in visualizing compelling stories, bringing them to life with a perfect balance of creativity and purpose. Additionally, Ferry is the technical go-to person when it comes to new developments.


Rudi Onderberg

Art Director

Rudi has worked for Sørs for 17 years and still manages to surprise us. He is often sparring with Ferry and Carrie. Able to translate the images in his head into a watertight concept. Sometimes wilful, usually unique.


Carrie Rouland

Graphic Designer

For 22 years, Carrie has been responsible for successfully implementing various projects at Sørs, from start to finish. She is a Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator tiger who can turn corporate identity elements, websites, newsletters and labels into something amazing.


Marcel Wijdemans

Traffic manager

Marcel is always in control. Knows exactly the status of every project, monitors deadlines and buys at good prices. Marcel is practical and ensures that everyone does the right work at the right time. Coordination, control and course adjustment: leave all that to Marcel!


Ronald Scheffel

† 26 - 09 - 2023

Ronald Scheffel founded Sørs Branding in 1991. He was the owner of Sørs Branding. Unfortunately, Ronald Scheffel passed away on September 26, 2023.